Thursday, June 13, 2013

At Train Stations...... Do You Wait Your Turn?

A an unusual and funny question that doesn't relate to entering trains (yet it could), relates to a young male commuter that I met today.

He actually waits for commuters to not only leave the train at Mount Druitt train station but waits for the the hundreds of commuters that are rushing to walk up the stairs: sometimes push and shove (accidentally), rush passed the barriers in the vestibule area and then rush to get home, shop or meet a family and/or friend. 

The unusual and funny question: So do you wait your turn?

I admit I'm one of the 'rushers' sometimes if I am caught at the end of the steps I will allow people to walk and pass in front of me. I think I need to be more patient, less rushed, pressured and allow commuters in front of myself to go walk past myself. I then can wait and have a more relaxed life. I do think I will be a better commuter that 'Waits', by doing this. What's the rush!

                    Will you do the same?

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