Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taxi Drivers In Mount Druitt Need More Protection!

According to a Taxi  Driver I met this evening there is a definite need for  protection for taxi drivers as some train and bus commuters, throw onions, tomatoes, eggs and other type of food missiles  from the top of the escalators area, directly onto the taxis on the taxi stand, waiting to pick commuters.

First of all, it is a stupid and ridiculous thing for anyone to do, joke or no joke as it doesn't show common decency that the majority of commuters have in Mount Druitt. Secondly, and on a most serious note, there could be a major incident where someone is badly hurt and affected, even worse could be another commuter!

This is where City Rail will have to block these  areas/gaps where the missiles are thrown from, preventing  harm and hurt to others.

Here is report from Ron - from our local area placed on WSPTU  Face Book Group - supports what taxi drivers are saying:

These photos are for the attention of the Mount Druitt Commuters. There is a potential danger to all who use the taxi rank day or night. I have raised this point with several levels of Government and none wish to address it. So at least I maybe able to bring it to your attention and hopefully save at least some one from being injured. As long as society have people who elect to throw items at buses,cars, trains or what ever , they do throw items over these windows with no regards as to the dangers . The buses have a roof preventing the discarded there but on the taxi side there is nothing . Items do get thrown over and possibly one day one of those glass windows could be smashed and that debris shower down on some one . Perspex Windows would be a lot safer I would think, that would relieve the broken glass potential but we need some sort of barrier for the other potential .

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