Friday, June 28, 2013

Mount Druitt Proposed Free Shuttle Bus - Will Be A Guaranteed Kept Service By Being Well Patronised - Lethbridge Park Commuter

Greg, a commuter I've known for over 20 years from Lethbridge Park, is saying that if and when the NSW Government grants  this service to Mount Druitt, that this service will be well patronised and never  taken off the road from service.

He feels as we get more people to sign the petition, Mount Druitt will have a community that will know about the Proposed Free Shuttle Bus and be prepared to use the service before it comes in. He understands that also some people think it is a tax-payer funded service and not all people should be deserved to catch the bus service. Yet at the end of the day, Greg is with me that all people deserve to be rewarded with a Free Shuttle Bus in and around Mount Druitt, no matter how it is funded.

There is so much benefits to the community, economy and socially with each one's life's being made just that much easier! Even the Government will benefit by, getting the accolades it needs to keep the bus shuttle going (once it is in), increasing the positive attitude of  life and giving people, what is needed to make it easier for everyone. Community Pride for all!

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