Thursday, June 13, 2013

NSW Commuter Costs Per Individual Report Required? - Cranebrook Commuter

Taurus from Cranebrook travels by City Rail from Penrith to Chatswood for work and has found the Sydney Rail network needs to be expanded especially in relation to heavy rail.

North West Rail link needs to be expanded to link to St Marys, with probably another Sydney harbour crossing to take on the extra Sydney City rail. Taurus agrees with myself that there needs to be lot's of looping rail services meeting important transport corridors, to get more commuters to places.

Most importantly, we don't seem to get a report  that make us understand what the breakdown costs of running public transport are. Especially in regards to City Rail trains, which could come up with the initial cost per commuter, including costs of all infrastructure, to run the Rail system. This is important to know the mechanics of running public transport - in fact we should all be told and be updated with this information!

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