Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Comments On 'Your Future Sydney' on Transport - I Started It!

I didn't realise that I started comments on the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney 2031. By doing this, there is only a dozen or so comments on the transport section. I started it on 19/3/13.

And here was the question, below my answer:

The draft strategy promotes places like Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith as important centres to focus our major transport improvement. Do you agree with these locations?

As a public transport Commuter, originally from Eastern Suburbs to Southern-

Eastern Suburbs. Now travelling n weekdays and sometimes on weekends from

Mount Druitt to Parramatta. This gives us a great chance for voice what we

think is needed in the Greater Western Sydney, which even I advocate for the

people of Mount Druitt and Furthermore Western Sydney.

While there is vast lands available in the Western Sydney, our population

growth can cope with the population increase to cater for the near future. In

relation to public transport, we do not have many looping rail services that

connect commuters to vast areas of Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney.

Light Rail should be considered to travel around major town/city hubs in 

Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney to plug in or cover areas not covered

by buses.

Important issues in public transport like comfort, safety, reliability and

efficient services in a reasonable cost efficient way is what satisfies

commuters and promotes a great public transport network. This is in relation 

to public transport; even promotion of carpooling and free shuttle buses

provided to all major shopping Hubs. This in itself promotes a better public 

transport not only good for the Sydney and Greater Western Sydney

commuters but for overseas tourists that are using public transport to get

around Sydney, providing increase in business, stronger economics and better

access to local community shops, organisations and Local State and Federal

Government agencies.

More Maxi Cabs issued to cater for multiple commuters on this types of 

services, where fares can be shared. transport infrastructure should be 

upgraded as time permits in our modern growing world, allowing for 

communities to be updated with matching growth of population.

A better integration with all modes of public transport, especially to me tabled

public transport matching links and connections without much time delay. In

other words, better communication between each one providing minimal loss 

of time for connection with all commuters.

Thus, I support the CBD's of Parramatta, Fairfield, Campbelltown, Liverpool, 

Castle hill, Penrith, Blacktown, Mount Druitt and other CBD's with have a high 

population in Western Sydney - all these centres in the Greater Western 

Sydney should be promoted for improvements in public transport - which will 

connect people to better places of interest. 
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Editors Notes: Please this is an edited version that was placed in the Transport Section, Draft 
                         Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney 2031.

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