Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Some Commuters Say And Then Do ( Or Shouldn't do)!

This story was sent to us by e-mail - a commuter that knows our group well and we appreciate this commuters story:

About a few days ago, I was waiting for a bus and I overheard a conversation from this a man who looked to 
be in his late teens or early 20's, he was speaking to his friend and started to complain about how there was 
not enough bus services in the area (due to rock throwing) and how they were always treated like criminals and 
that they get nothing. 

Then, today I saw the same guy again on my way to work, he was smoking and drinking a can soft drink when 
the tried to get on the bus. Since he was smoking and drinking, the bus driver would not let him on, then the 
guy when berserk and started to abuse the bus driver, calling him a "black c***", and making threats such as, 

"I'm going to smash your face in" and "I going to get a bunch of my mates to throw rocks at your bus and (****) 
you". This is the same words coming out of guy who was a few days ago complaining about a lack of bus 
services due to rock throwing and being treated like a criminal. If you were to look up hypocrite in the 
dictionary, you will find a picture of his face there. 

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