Monday, June 25, 2012

Bus Drivers With Rumours.....Government 'Runned Buses' Future Out West!

A bus driver that had met myself before advised that there is a commuter in Willmot having issues with catching buses to Rooty Hill to get to work early in the mornings. This is costing the commuter approximately $25 per day just to get to work.

Also the driver has asked my thoughts on what is happening with the bus reviews where it appears bus drivers believe that the NSW government will run buses in Western Sydney - and there will be no private companies. It was told to me that government expenditure on buses could be $1.60 per minute, per bus, whereas  payments provided to private companies are subsidised at $2.00 per minute, per bus for costs ( so that the private companies have to provide a return to their holders).

What was thought of this driver with NSW Government 'Runned buses' that there isn't extra costs out-laid. Funds can be redirected from the private subsidies to improve bus services to 15-20 minutes service, as opposed to what we have at present, especially weekends,early morning and late night services!

Editors comments: Now I know why they are changing the colour of the buses to match the NSW Governments buses colours!

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