Friday, June 22, 2012

Orchard Hills Commuter Requires More Trains At Kingswood Train Station!

A female commuter Nicole from Orchard Hills has issues with  requiring more trains from Kingswood to Parramatta train station. Claims that one out three trains stop at Kingswood and realised what could improve, increase the services at Kingswood and Werrington by increasing the dual carriageway from St Marys to Penrith.

She advised her train was 14 minutes late today and had to catch a different train - this made her a little bit frustrated!

In the beginning of our conversation she was startled that there was a cleaner picking up rubbish from the carriage. First time she had  seen this - this is good work by City Rail! We need more cleaners to make our public transport more cleaner - this creates more jobs and can create more interest in overseas tourists using and promoting our public transport system for the future!

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