Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Last Bus for Mark And His Wife From Shalvey

Mark & his wife a reasonably new commuter from Griffith, has found it so hard coming home from his new work from Camellia.

He and his wife has been doing this for about 4 months working late shift at night finishing at late night travel by train from Camellia to Clyde and change trains to Mount Druitt reaching Mount Druitt at around 12.15am, missing the last bus  to Shalvey.

What they have been doing when missing the service is walk straight home...wait or it... at Shalvey. There is no fear walking home at night but  due to a football injury, which makes one of his feet limp, he has to ask his employer to see if he can swap shifts and start a bit earlier.

What this indicates is that we have missing ' Public Transport Gap Services', which means public transport services that cater for midnight to early morn. That's right - even 45 minute  loop services around and back into Carlisle, would service the hard working services that are actually making a living. If these transport services are not provided then this can cause a raise in unemployment.

There are times I feel for the people I speak too and this time I felt for him and his wife and I still do. They are the true hardship stories that are in our real community and yet we or the NSW government is not providing necessary "Public Transport Gap Services', to make the lives of these commuters and others who travel this time essential services. 

They walk at the very least under 6 Kilometres to get home.  They cannot afford taxis, each way every day and on top of train fares.

Although I explained of maxi-taxis that could have solved their  transport issues at after midnight, the thought that time of night there would be a desire or need of 9 other commuters heading to Shalvey is not that in demand.

So I pray so hard that someone out there listens to their story or even reads this blog and hears what people are suffering with public transport out there.

From: Shalvey NSW To: Mt Druitt NSW5.9 km - Luxford Rd and Carlisle Ave

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