Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blacktown City Councillor Applauds Speech On Bus Stop Improvements In Mount Druitt

It is not many times, myself or us as a group is mentioned in Blacktown City Council's general meeting last night. I have been speaking within three minutes allowed for the general public, promoting what we are doing and  what we would like to happen, with the public interest in their eyes, hoping we are falling on deaf ears.

Councillor Edmund Atalla
The subject being the council's projected financial budget for 2012-2013, which was approved by general consensus of the meeting, although there was debate of actual funds allocated to 'Works In Progress'.  Councillor Edmund Atalla, who profoundly controls the Council Chambers with his  outbursts of  gleaming magnificence, on showing off his pride of  what the Council has done.

I do not deny that big projects are beneficial to Council process but I think more money being spent in smaller projects like bus infrastructure, better walk ways,  employed  continual street cleaners, Mount Druitt bus shuttle and  huge promotion of , promotion  of non-smoking areas increased and continually police for a cleaner lifestyle, correct lighting is lit in streets, ridding anti-social behaviours by way of showing 'community pride' walks.

Heck, I'm not a politician not do I want to be, yet I have been asked to be one. I know if  I did run as a local candidate, I would probably come second in a three horse race. I will do what I am doing lobby nicely for the people and with the people, to move people into public transport as long as we have a safe efficient, reliable public transport system in Mount Druitt.

Any way back to the real crust of this real story, Councillor announced there was a speaker confirming  improvement in bus stop infrastructure and that is what Labor had, in the current financial year. I agree and it was me, I  thanked the Council, Council officers and Councillors for providing these starting improvements.

Okay my name or group wasn't mentioned but that is not the point - it took me to mention it, so that it backs up the case for  spending for 'Work In Progress' improvement as opposed to 'Working Progress Improvement'! On this point I do congratulate all involved in getting bus stops upgraded.

On the other hand, I do want to take to task Councillor Atalla and his (government of the day) colleagues in relation to why the sudden upgrade of bus stops, why not in first, second, third year? Why hasn't he or his ( government of the day) colleagues attended any of meetings we have held since November 2009 ( Even under Save Our Bus Services), especially when invitation and notification was sent. And finally, why didn't the government of the day councillors do anything to stop the removal of bus services from the Mount Druitt,? I'll tell you why because they were/are in safe Local govern wards with local council. Whether they still will be safe will be determined when people vote in the local council elections and remember the support they got from the government of the day councillors who govern Blacktown City Council.

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