Sunday, June 10, 2012

Multiple Usage Of Public Transport Commuter Has One Simple Solution!

I wonder sometime where the majority of commuters I speak too come from and although it is accidental, a lot come from Whalan and a lot more come from around Mount Druitt.

For example Siva who I met at the Mount Druitt interchange, comes from Whalan. He sometimes cycles or walks to Mount Druitt, commutes by train to Parramatta by train and then catches M54 Metrobus to Epping, yet gets off at Carlingford.
Simple solution is: improvements to extend the Parramatta to Epping railway line is what he would like to strive for, which would reduce his commuting travelling time tremendously  for commuters travelling from the greater west to the north west. Thus he would support the NSW government  to enable funding improvements for extending railway development of train lines services to Epping.

NSW government is now asking people to use public transport and thus have to improve railway infrastructure

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