Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Group Members NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan - Especially On Metro Buses In Western Sydney

Lester, who has been a recent member (with his wife) of our group towards the end of last year, is very inspirational in especially the  history of public transport within Western Sydney. I have seen old train stations of Mount Druitt and Blacktown train stations and  he has does a report on Bidwill bus services (or late of). Which I will chase up with him and  ask him to place on our blog.

He is someone I have a lot of time for and someone who cares (Like most of our members) but especially as a train enthusiast  a researcher of public transport history - I certainly bow down to him.

Lester has separately provide to us and Western Sydney Public Transport Users his NSW Long Term Transport Master plan, which he has submitted. We encourage you to view and read it and provide us with direct feedback, which we will supply back to Lester:

Click here to Lester's Metrobus Plan To The NSW Transport Long Term Master Plan

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