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Chifley College Emerton - Not Recognised By Bus Operators & Whalan High School - Still Recognised Although Closed For Years!

Yes, this is true a concerned community member Ken from Whalan has advised that  high school aged children are being rejected for school pass because the Bus operators do not recognise Chifley College Emerton, apparently they are known as Whalan/Mount Druitt High School and that is why school passes  will not be issued to Whalan school children as  Bus Operates  name for the school does not match Chifley College Emerton.
The children meet these requirements easily, yet parents/children have not complained before as they didn't know the appropriate steps to do so. Now, we as a group can inform the community - so we all become more educated with what is happing with public transport on all level around Mount Druitt

Information located under ;
Mount Druitt High School
State Schools
Mount Druitt High School, DHARRUK NSW 2770

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Phone: 02 96259750
Fax: 02 94895722
Under Chifley High School and campuses:


Chifley College

Bidwill Campus

Bunya Rd, BIDWILL NSW 2770

Mount Druitt Campus

Stuart St, Mount Druitt NSW 2770*

Dunheved Campus

Maple Rd, North St Marys NSW 2760

Shalvey Campus

Noumea St, Shalvey NSW 2770

*Stuart Street is Dharruk/Emerton not in Mount Druitt Hub

Info located under Chifley Senior Campus:
College map

About us

Chifley College was established in 2000 to provide enhanced educational opportunities for students of Western Sydney.  Our College, comprised of Bidwill Campus (7-12), Dunheved Campus (7-10), Mt Druitt Campus (7-10), Senior Campus (11-12) and Shalvey Campus (7-10) is situated on Darug land.
The College motto, Learn Discover, Inspire is at the foundation of the partnership between students, community and the school.  Students have many opportunities to engage with a broad and varied curriculum that targets their needs and is designed to encourage excellence and citizenship. 
Across the College, students participate in a diverse range of extra-curricula activities including sports, dance, arts and debating.  These activities are supported by the commitment of an extraordinary group of teachers.
Effective partnerships with our community are essential if we are to achieve our goals, We deeply value our shared journey with local Aboriginal elders and the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. We enjoy strong support from the Pacific Islander community and our parent bodies.
We continue to build significant relationships with our local primary schools. We also acknowledge the input of the wider community into the success of our students.  In particular, the University of Western Sydney, TAFE and local employers who provide work experience and work placement to prepare our students for the transition from school to further education or work.

Click here: Mount Druitt High School, Mount Druitt ( In Emerton)

Contact us

Chifley College Mount Druitt Campus

Stuart Rd
Mount Druitt
9625 9750
9832 1463

From the Transport For New South Wales website:

Eligibility requirements

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) can only be used for:
  • Travel between home and the school campus at which the student is enrolled, and
  • Approved travel, Monday to Friday on school days.
The scheme does not extend to travel for activities such as:
  • School excursions
  • Sports events
  • Work experience
  • Attendance at Vocational Education and Training (VET) in schools at a location away from the school/campus at which the student is enrolled
  • Attendance at multi-campus high schools, Saturday schools, pre-schools, mini-schools (except for full-time geographically isolated distance education students)
  • Attendance at before and after school care or child minding premises.
To be eligible for the scheme an applicant must be:
a resident of NSW
4 years and 6 months of age or older and enrolled as one of the following:
  • an infant student (K-2) regardless of the distance between their home and school
  • primary student (Years 3-6) who lives more than 1.6 kms (radial distance) from school, or 2.3 kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school
  • secondary student (Year 7-12) who lives more than 2 kms (radial distance) from school, or 2.9 kms or more by the most direct practical walking route to the nearest entry point to the school
  • a TAFE student under 18 years of age at 1 January of the year of application who is:
    • enrolled in a full-time TAFE course for a minimum of 20 hours a week
    • not employed
    • living more than 3.2 kms from the college by the most direct practical walking route and
    • attending the college closest to their home where enrolment is available.

EDITORS NOTES:  It sounds like a Bureaucratic Bungle and both NSW for Transport and Bus Operators should get their act together. Hopefully our Blacktown Traffic/Transport Officers, State members of Londonderry and Mount Druitt should work together to resolve this issue!

As of today 25/6/2012, it is The 'Whalan High School' that is the school that has been closed down and that is showing it is the nearest school to the students that live in Whalan. here is an old photo of the school, we will provide you with an update, soon:


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