Friday, June 15, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuter: Better Services Out West And Even Richmond Line

I met or actually I should state that I interrupted David from Mount Druitt, from further reading. Yes, I did feel bad but he seemed to appreciate the conversation we had and also complimented the work our group does for the community. 

David is a true-hearted public transport campaigner as claims he reads 3-4 books  per week, to relax the brain after a hard days office work at Concord. He walks to Mount Druitt train station as he only lives 5 minutes away.His choice is to travel trains to Concord as it is cheaper then travelling by car as he found out, not stuck in traffic and definitely less stress while reading under total relation.

One of his issues is there seems to be more City Rail trains heading to and from Epping compared to Heading to onto the West of the Western Line. Every second trains appears to go to and from Epping line and it seems that train services are well catered for the North Shore commuters. To solve this, Transport For New South Wales to supply at least one extra train heading west on the Western Line per hour - going to  limited express stations to and from the city.

In comparison the Mount Druitt part of the Western Line is well looked after compared to the Richmond line where off peak services are hourly and peak is half an hour. Here he suggests that the off-peak times increase to every forty minutes and the peak time change time table services to every 20 minutes. Also a dual carriageway is required  completed to Richmond which he understands the current NSW Government is heading to do.

What this will do is open up a better improved services to people that would like to catch  public transport in that north west corridor of the Greater Western Sydney.

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