Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coverter To Public Transport - Oakhurst Commuter

Ronald from Oakhurst, a recent converter from private transport to public transport has some inspirational reasons why  he has made his positive decision.

He has  travelled to work in private transport since 1998 to Strathfield and due to limited on street parking, traffic congestion on M4, amount of traffic time and cost effectiveness ( to and from Strathfield). He had decided to travel  by train from either Rooty Hill or Doonside Station as from February 2012. 

Roland also claims the  other positive issues that has come out of switching over to public transport is, less worrying of speeding tickets and private cars have more accidents then trains statistically. That makes sense!

Although he gets dropped oof and picked up by his wife at either Rooty Hill or Doonside train stations, he finds the morning service has good linkage to Strathfield it is the return trip in pm where he has to transfer at Parramatta for another train, yet he doesn't mind waiting as he finds waiting is part of enjoying your public transport trip.

Ronald believes that  NSW For Transport should ensure there is more visual City Rail Cleaners on train carriages, ensuring there is 100 percent cleanliness. This result in himself  travelling more pleasant and at more ease and ponders the same feeling would be with a majority of other commuters.

We thank Roland for sharing his story!!!

Some young girls said in the background of the train carriage, 'This is a great meeting place: trains!'

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