Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mount Druitt Holds Western Sydney Public Transport Users Policy Meeting - Great For Us!

Today was Mount Druitt hosting the Western Sydney Public Transport Users Policy Committee and we  had such a great venue - Rooms 3-4 at the Hubb, Mount Druitt. This was a first for Mount Druitt and the WSPTU Policy members, to attend our area in an official capacity.

The emphasis was on how local transport groups can local council candidates  for the oncoming Council elections, to get improved public transport services. Tips were provided to members, so that ideas can be brought back to their groups, used to get the candidates on side the local groups.

What a lot people don't realise is that the power of changing the local community from a government aspect, starts from the local council elected members. They have the local change to change the outcome of public transport as they discuss local issues with local lobbyists.

Other issues discussed was the new City Rail being split in two: NSW Trains & Sydney Trains and  bus contracts/reviews coming through, bus shuttles was touched on and discussed.

Here is the Mount Druitt Hubb's Poster (on the left)

You may recognise 
someone in  the background (on the right      
picture). I can't say who it even I know him much better than anyone else!

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