Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Happened To Me Today! 'Unbelievable'

I was reaching Westmead Hospital (for personal reasons), from Mount Druitt on a City Rail bus today - thinking I will have to get off at Westmead Train Station and walk down to the Westmead Hospital. My day was made when the bus driver stopped on the Westmead Hospital T-way Bus stop - that made my accessibility to reach my destination, so easily.

On my return to  from the hospital about 45 minutes later, one Cityrail bus  just kept going through and another bus was right beside us ( nearer the bus stop) flashing sign, 'Out of Service'. I pointed to the other bus showing the 'Out Of Service' bus driver
advised that the other bus was told not to drop commuters at this bus stop - so I waited for Metro bus to take myself to Parramatta.

Might question is which is the right bus? Maybe Transport New South Wales can answer this?

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