Thursday, April 17, 2014

NSW Transport Minister Could Be New Premier?

It is not generally many times, you would offer support to someone you as a person you deal with in advocating for better public transport with a local community.

Today, I am offering (only) my personal support for Gladys Berejiklian as she runs to be elected a possible Leader and Premier of New South Wales. Also I offer support to ray Williams into the Ministry of Transport and Roads.  I share the e-mail I have sent her:

Good Morning Gladys,

First, I am personally saddened by the loss of Barry O'Farrell's Office of Premier ( which I think is a petty issue he resigned for).

I wish to only offer my personal support as an advocate for public transport in Mount Druitt  as you had taken on a very hard task of Transport and in my area public transport. You have changed public transport and are placing us into a modern world on electronic ticketing and start new railway infrastructures especially the Northwest Link - which I am waiting for the 2nd stage of the Northwest link to reach Mount Druitt.

If you are elected Leader and premier today, I would like to recommend my support for Mr Ray Williams to the  Ministry of Transport and Roads - he has a passion for both within his community and Western Sydney.

Good Luck today,

John Svoboda

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