Monday, April 7, 2014

Opal Cards Can Now Be Ordered For Youths And Children!

Now you can apply for an Opal Card if you are a Youth and for Children.

This is a slow release of  The Opal Card for all  befits and reasons, to ensure there is no hiccups with the new integrated electronic ticketing system. We believe Seniors and Pensioners will be released at a later date.

Further news is from a NSW Sydney Trains Officer by December 2014, there maybe no ticket office in train stains and maybe no staff for ticketing selling, ticket handling and assisting with information with Opal Cards! These are rumors but we will find out. The front line people of NSW Sydney Trains are the one that can provide increase usage of public transport, they they promote  commuters to catch public transport. Did you know that

Click Here For Opal Cards- Youths/Childrren

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