Monday, April 7, 2014

Opal Cards In Mount Druitt Having Little Affect On Monday & Tuesday Mornings Ticket Window Queuing!

Speaking to a Sydney Trains Transport Officer advised myself that according to  commuter queues at Mount Druitt train station on Monday and Tuesday Morning the queues are getting bigger and longer, that means two possible things, according to local studies:

  • That public transport commuters are still purchasing the old  ticketing system as they are concession card ticket holders and they will have to wait until the appropriate Opal electronic ticketing system is launched. Click Here For the Youth/Children Opal Cards
  • There has been an increase in  new  people becoming public transport Sydney Trains Commuters.

So far, Opal card cannot be purchased at any Sydney Trains train station only Newsagents and  authorised agent retailers.

I still say it is hard to educate everyone to use this system, unless proper promotion , via  delivering mail to each resident in Mount Druitt, Greater Sydney and Sydney. What do you think?

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