Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mount Druitt Receives Hon. NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads As Guest

(Left to right seated) members Mary, Christina, George,
Mr. Ray Williams, members: Allan, Anne, John,
Dianna, Peter and Joan ( left to right Standing), members: Angie,
Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, visitor James and member Lester.
The Hon. Member for Hawkesbury and NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads, attended our meeting yesterday as guest speaker.

Mr. Williams has been a member of the NSW Parliament since 24th March 2007, and has a attended a community meeting under Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs in 2009, when we had lost many bus services across Mount Druitt, under the previous Labor Government and had some partial bus routes returned.

Mr (Ray) Raymond Craig WILLIAMS,  MURP(Curtin) MPWe have approached Local Councillors,  Transport officers From Blacktown City Council, The Hon. Richard Amery, NSW Member for Mount Druitt,  The Hon. Bart Bassett, NSW Member for Londonderry and made representation to the former NSW Transport Minister, Hon. David Campbell.

Mr. Williams listened to our concerns of still advocating for proper local bus services to be returned in Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs. All members of the group where allowed to be heard from the 762 Bidwill bus service - not operating on Sunday and limited services provided,  755 partially returned  bus service and the 764 bus service that is limited and has gained successful increases in patronage since implemented and how it can be  add to the 'Tregear Only' Bus Route.

He was provided by maps and  history details of each bus service, indicating how they can link straight back into the community, the way it was before bus services were removed. Mr. Williams agreed and remembered that under the former labor State government bus services had been running perfectly before  for so many years and  all of  a sudden 3 bus services were removed  causing havoc and shock within the area.

Mr. Williams heard how it is difficult for local commuters to get to jobs, job interviews, family events on weekend train services services on weekends, when bus services don't start early and allow people to get to events on time. Also that Hoyts Mount Druitt is finding it difficult to employ young people as they can't get home late from this employment.

He also understood that as the 2nd stage of the North West rail link will continue into Mount Druitt in years to come but we need local bus services to have better links, cater for the community not to take us back into the dark ages.

Mr. Williams explained of what has happened with height differences with the new Oscar Trains on different train station platforms. It goes back to the times when some city trains station were constructed  as country train stations to take country trains. The NSW Government is looking at ways to attend to this, maybe by immediate audio  warning announcements at train stations that have that height difference.

Discussions were raised as to how the new Opal Card is being implemented to reduce fraudulent fare evaders and how once this is fully implemented  new technological advances will provide automatic reporting on  patronage on all bus, train and ferry trips. Although he understands it will be a slow process to educate the  elderly on using and purchasing of this ticket outlets and availability.

Overall the group was really impressed with Mr. Williams attending as a guest speaker: that he listened and heard. Our group, on behalf of the Mount Druitt community, will  report back to you any progress that arrives. Mr. Williams will report back to the NSW Minister of Transport. Hon. Gladys Berejiklian  and to the  the NSW Legislative Assembly.

*First Photo. Courteous of Hon.  Ray Williams, NSW Parliamentary Secretary of Transport and Roads

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