Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pick The Difference Of the Oscar Train Carriages On These 2 Photos!

Check out  the 2 pictures that we provide on this blog. Besides being the Oscar train carriage is on different angles. Can you notice something that stands out out in front of your eyes?

One difference not known to you, is the left picture is  the Oscar Train carriage is at Mount Druitt train station platform.

The second right picture you will not pick up is that this Oscar train carriage is at Parramatta train station platform!

Okay do you give up? 

The landings at the doorway entrances are at different heights. At Mount Druitt this could be a safety issue for commuter if not properly addressed. At a  last local meeting , this matter was address by Angie to the NSW Parliamentary Secretary of Transport and Roads, Mr. Ray Williams -  took the suggestion to  ensure Sydney Trains make audible announcements warning commuters of the height difference at specific train stations and its dangers.

This goes back to  the early days of the Sydney's Railway history where some suburban train station built train station platforms to suit country trains and platforms. Country train platforms were built lower then  suburban ones! We will wait for  further advice on the  platforms to suit Oscar Train carriages and what the NSW Government will do.

Click Here for previous blog regarding  previous meeting

NB: Please blog was published referring to Waratah Trains- this has now be altered to Oscar Trains - Thank you for the  comment below to correct myself!

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Commuter1 said...

Just a correction, this train is an OSCAR not a waratah.

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