Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NSW Sydney Trains Ticketing System - Old Tickets Have No Plans To Be Phased Out!

This is an interesting response from Opal Customer care. We understand that in other train network ticketing systems the old
ticketing countries or rail network of ticketing processes, old tickets cannot be phased
out so quickly and the old ticketing system is still sold.

Here is the e-mail received by myself:


11:27 (12 hours ago)
to me

Dear John,

Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.

Opal card will be available at retailers later this year. The station staff will be available to to help customer use their Opal card and educate commuters.

There are no current plans to cease the sale of paper tickets.

Reference Number: 462459

Yours sincerely
Opal Customer Care

Please do not reply to this email.

Should you need to respond, please do so via the Web Enquiry form
found at Opal.com.au/CustomerCare or by calling Opal Customer Care
on 13 67 25 or (13 OPAL) quoting your reference number.

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jbones999 said...

What I find unbelievable is that people choose to queue to buy a ticket, especially those buying weekly tickets. You can buy them 7 days a week and get the rest of the day free if you buy after 3pm

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