Monday, November 24, 2014

NSW Waratah Train Guard Went Over And Beyong His Job!

From Lester Pasley:

It finally happened this morning.  The Guard of Waratah Set A71 warned passengers about the step down between the Waratah doors and the train platforms on my train to work this morning.  He is the first Guard to do so.  Other Guards just advise about the gap between platforms.  I've had this guard before on other services.  He has a North American accent.  At each of the stops my train made, he warned passengers about the step down as well as the gap between platforms.  He also gave passengers options for changing to other train services at each of the interchange stations.
This guard is a credit to Sydney Trains and I've written a letter to the CEO of Sydney Trains praising the Guard for his customer service.


Lester Pasley
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc
T: 0403 478 257

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