Friday, April 4, 2014

Mount Druitt Bus Interchange Escalators - Have Been Stopped For 5 Days!

This morning, I met  Hon. Ed Husic, Federal Member for Chifley and we discussed an important issue which is  requiring immediate improvement. This week since Monday, it appears that the escalators at the Mount Druitt bus interchange have not been working.

A Mount Druitt Sydney Trains Officer has advised that what happens a lot is young children press the 'Emergency Stop Button' and runaway. This happens a lot.

I might refer this to Mr. Ed Husic to see what can be done to prevent this stupid action. Understanding there needs to be an accessible 'Emergency Stop Button', can it be placed  somewhere else where these young ones do not operate it or can a  hard polycarbonate clear plastic guard be placed on/over it?

 I also think that  NSW Transport should investigate this issue immediately, to prevent more potential stoppages of the escalator for commuters.

By the way, the escalator was working on the way back today home today! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

It can't be covered as that would stop it being used in an emergency quickly and it need to be low so if someone falls they can press it.As for the kids doing it they need a good kick and be punished.

Kris Ryan said...

Have an on the spot fine, if they are a minor than pass the fine to the parents.

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