Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Commuters Do On The Western Line Coming To And From Mount Drruitt!

 These are some some photos showing what people can do to utilise their time travelling as a commuter to and from Mount Druitt on Sydney Rail Trains- we hope you like this as this is 'what public transport in the modern age' allows people to do to relax.

Texting and using social media!

This lovely young lady was so proud is
showing her beautifully made
craft-work rug, she is making for herself.
She has been working on it in
Sydney Rail Trains
Another way of relaxing is taking
 up seats,
 while people are standing!
(Seat Hoggers)

Watching Movies

A man caressing his partners hands -
while she takes her shoes off!
Reading a Captive Book

Stay wrapped up to keep warm whilst
resting on a cold morning

Put your feet up! If caught,
there are fines applicable for commuters!
Talking with friends!

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