Friday, July 19, 2013

More Emphasis On Local Mount Druitt Public Transport Bus Services Reaching Out To The People - Mount Druitt Commuter!

How excited are people when they find out about our group or even the WSPTU group and find out what we are doing or we all are doing in Western Sydney.

I get excited when I have made such a positive contact to someone that has a lot of good and great things to say. People are so positive of the future of public transport. It is so difficult to work out the future and resolve everyone's issues. In fact, it is just a case of working on the larger picture for the future and including the small important areas of the picture that make it 'the picture'. That is the way public transport will be planned properly for the future. Instead of turning a blind eye, open both eyes and vision the positive outcome for the future!

Enough of my own thoughts......!

Kazi from Mount Mount Druitt (wanted to supply surname but as agreed not published), is a recently migrated commuter within Mount Druitt. He does desire more public transport bus and train services as well as more services running frequently.

An interesting statistic he has worked out is that of the 70 percent of the Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs workers use public transport an a daily basis, to meet their employment destinations. Travelling by private cars he has tested, tend to be havoc, chaotic and  hectic coping with excessive traffic and traffic jams in major hubs of Mount Druitt, Parramatta and City of Sydney. This is due to a major increase in population and less direction from "The Decision Powers" for people to catch public transport making lives much more pleasurable.

Mount Druitt has affordable housing for new home owners and feels there needs more Government direction in establishing better existing route connections as well as promoting extension of bus services into the community where public transport is in need of demand.

This is where Kazi would like more emphasis within the surrounding suburbs of Mount Druitt needing essential bus services from local communities to bring in  the people to connect to the major  Shopping and Train Station hub. This  admits is so true!

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