Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bus Stops That Make Buses Stop Over Private Driveways - Blocking Residents From Driving In Or Out!

When NSW for Transport oversee bus stops being implemented, constructed and/or redesigned, which is usually Bus Operator plus Representative from NSW Roads & Maritime Services and Transport officer from Blacktown City Council, there seems to be little community consultation as where a bus stop can be placed.

In saying this, it is imperative that the residents of where the bus stop is being placed is provided  great consideration, whilst ensuring the bus stop is in a  safe and secure area, that allows direct access to catch public transport buses.

Here, we have an example of bus stops allowing bus to over creep, not only that, the 60 Kilometre sign is blocked when  driving alongside the sign post and commuters go inside the property of where the driveway is based, to hide under cover when it rains.

Check where the drive way
Woodstock Road Dharruk
Another one where the bus can be over the drive way
at Luxford Road Whalan!

 Do you have bus stops like this around Mount Druitt , where buses stop over driveways sometimes blocking residents? Let's hear what you have to say?

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