Friday, July 12, 2013

Mount Druitt Commuter Seeking Reduced Weekly Fares!

This morning I met a working nice lady who had taken myself to task when I  asked, 'Can I just take 2 minutes of your time to ask you two questions of public transport?'

I ended up going over time speaking to her and she reminded myself! Josephine is a multiple transport public transport user using the Busways 761 from her home in Mount Druitt to Mount Druitt. Then she catches the Sydney Rail train from Mount Druitt to Parramatta train station and then catches a Metro Bus M54 to Carlingford and reverse in return. The this travelling she does 5 days a week during Monday to Saturday.

She is happy with the current trains and bus services the and would like to see the My Multi prices drop down from $61.00 per week to $45.00 per week. She also considers (like myself in previous blogs), that  it is unfair for her paying 3 zones when she is only travelling in 2 zones. I advised her of the new Electronic Ticketing System (ETS), which look as fair distance  paying fares for all commuters. her concerns with the the Opal card system is how will 
non-Internet users be able to apply for it?

Finally, she agreed that the Mount Druitt Proposed Free shuttle bus is a great proposal, especially for her son who would use the Jim at the Novotel Hotel!

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