Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Extra Trains Requested To Cover Overcrowded Carriages On Western Line - Kingswood Commuter!

Yes, time and time again there are train commuting people that like to speak to myself regarding public transport. They don't feel the  necessary thing of not saying a word. I'm probably an under-cover  public transport reporter, but I'm not! I am just simply advocating for the simplicities of life of a ordinary public transport commuter, going over and beyond to ensuring each commuters special interest, is at least heard. My interest, is to see how interested are commuters in thinking of ways to improve services and/or infrastructure. And for me and works!

Today, Simon from Kingswood catches Sydney Trains  from Kingswood to Parramatta  and return - Monday to Fridays and them catches the Metro bus M52 to Rydalmere.  The interchange waiting times at Parramatta are pretty reason to Simon.

His issue at Kingswood train station is he i unable to purchase tickets before 6.30am and therefore has to travel to Werrington purchase his tickets, to catch his train and not be fined.

Simon would like to request extra trains in peak times to cover 93 percent of overcrowded trains carriages, full of commuters. He would like to see also the  duplication to the Western Line from Emu Plains to St Marys train stations. He does find it hard to get on trains to and from, with the over crowdedness. This will make more commuter have an easier and more relaxed travelling, especially when are on their way home.

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