Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mount Druitt Commuter Claims 'AFFORD GROUP' Will Support Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!`

Today, I am proud of advising that we have reached over 2,000 signatures on the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. This, in itself is a monumental achievement for people of Mount Druitt (And others from outside the area)! History in the making is currently in process to provide essential public transport services to essential community groups, shopping centres, doctors/medical surgeries/specialists, government organisations and bodies.

The challenge in the beginning was to reach 500 signatures on the petition - that didn't take long to get! From now on, it will be easier as the word spreads and the amount of people signing the petition increases. The NSW Government will take notice of satisfying the needs of what the people of Mount Druitt would like to have, with this improved and vital public transport link.

Today, young Chris a member from the "Afford Group" (Australian Financial For Disabilities Group), has taken a 'Petition' to be completed for the purpose of his members to sign. This is so that they will provide their full support as long as accessible buses are supplied for the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

Chris also noted that hew will ensure at least 20 people will fully support the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. This is because it will provide more access to his group members via public transport local buses, making life that much easier for everyone!

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