Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comments From Commuters Of Other Free Shuttle Buses - Vital Missing Community Links

As I am getting more commuters to sign our Proposed Free Shuttle Bus for Mount Druitt, I am getting a lot of people saying  that Yes Blacktown has one and so has Penrith!  Although it was true it is not true.We can see there was some people that knew of the bus shuttles making great links into communities and this is so important to have!

The other comments I have heard  is, 'I didn't know Blacktown had one!'

Now this last statement intrigues myself, as it confirms many things to me one of which neither the current or previous NSW State Government had heavily promoted the Free Bus shuttle. I mean, advertisements in all local papers (week-to-week), also into the radio media: constant adds and for my and lastly full adds in the TV media, this enable more people to open their home doors and reach these free shuttle services.

This bus service is not just a great community link it is a great promotion to increase tourism within the local community and wider State of NSW - that's why in my books there is a great necessity for all major local community hubs to have a Free Shuttle bus, including Mount Druitt.

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