Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does This Happen To You When You Want To Sit Down In A Three-Seater In A Train Carriage?

Normally in a three seater in a train carriage - people sit one near the window and  the second person on the seat beside the aisle. This is if there are two people sitting down!

So then comes a person like myself, and politely asks if I could sit down and  kindly asks (the person sitting on the seat beside the aisle), if they could move to the middle of the three seater. Climbing over people can be very disturbing, to everyone!

Normally, people move to that seat and then it is easier for you to sit down. What happened to myself at Parramatta train station was someone had just climbed over the person, sitting beside the aisle. The one that climbed over, sat along the window seat. When I asked the person on the seat of the aisle to move kindly - the person just got up and left as if I had no right to ask him and went to sit on another seat on the train carriage. This was rather bizarre!

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