Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bus Shelter Required In Eastern Creek - Kingswood Commuter!

A very excited  lady, had signed our Shuttle bus petition tonight, asked what could be done for bus shelters to be installed!

She thought, bus drivers were the one you report it too and then they will get it done for you by referring to their peers. I don't think bus drivers have much influence for  having a bus shelter installed. They may have input to remove or move bus stops to safer and better pick up point.

She catches Busways 738 to Eastern Creek and is requesting the bus stop on Roberts Road Eastern Creek, to have  a bus shelter. I assume it is bus stop 2766111 from  Transport for New South Wales Bus Stop Numbers. Once she confirms it, we will refer her  through the appropriate channels of Blacktown Council, they will make an assessment and then decide.

This is part of the Western  Sydney Employment Hub that the NSW Government is promoting and if promoting this, should ensure improvements are made to make it easier for bus commuters to get to and from their employment.

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