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Proposed Free Bus Shuttle More Lobbying For Mount Druitt Commuters

We live in an area which is deprived  of community structures in Public Transport that initiates a huge  incentive for economical drive to all business (large and small) and a substantial rise in community pride as  people can connect to all areas of the local community hub without costing any more than time itself.

It seems for many Government Departments, hard to collaborate (arm in arm) with meeting with the communities requests to bring good things to the area. We also face upheaval, as I call them the  
"Big Press" only want negative stories from Mount Druitt, showing no interest in good real stories. Very rare are the times when good people that do good things are recognised outside our area. Bad stories seem to raise eyebrows in people's eyes outside of Mount Druitt, creating a real stigma of the area itself. Yet I do love Mount Druitt!

I m proud of our local press that start the stories going and do more their best to promote good real stories for the community to read and understand. Yet, I find it hard for the "Bigger Press' to grab the good story and let other people's other eyebrow be raised to see the goodness around the area. In fact, there are so many good people  within the area - they seem to outnumber  the one's that give Mount Druitt a bad name or reputation.

Anyway, back to lobbying for the Free Bus Shuttle for Mount Druitt - today was another step towards getting it - a step in the right direction, to make the wheels turn for the first rolling out of the Mount Druitt Free bus shuttle. You may ask what did I do?

I'm glad you have asked. I walked along North Parade Rooty Hill to speak to a Director from Rooty Hill RSL.  Was advised they were in a meeting - yet we can speak to the Manager of  Marketing, by tomorrow. We would be pleased to see if Rooty Hill RSL would contribute to the funding of the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle buses as they expand and utilize funds for expansions for a gymnastic and aquatic center - which in itself would cost  hundreds of thousands of dollars.

*Rooty Hill Has a Courtesy Bus- which would compliment the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus - here is details on it.

Courtesy Bus from Rooty Hill RSL

Rooty Hill RSL has a courtesy bus operating from Wednesday to Sunday.

  • The Courtesy Bus operates from Wednesday - Sunday with drop-offs starting from 7.30pm each evening; the last departure is 1:00am on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights, and 4:00am on Friday and Saturday nights
  • This service is available to Members and Members’ Guests only. Persons wishing to use the courtesy bus must register at Reception to receive a bus ticket
  • The driver has the right to refuse entry to the bus of anyone displaying intoxication or anti-social behaviour
  • A suburb by suburb route is used to determine the sequence of drop-offs

Next, Peter Kerr ( another group member of ours) and myself walked over to the Mount Druitt hospital and Peter introduced ourselves to 2 nice ladies working for the hospital. One of them was  advising us that in her Disability Committee - they are looking for a bus to take  students to take to and from Mount Druitt, which would make it more accessible for them and they claimed that what we are offering meets there needs highly. This lady advised she will refer to the Disbalilty Committee the Mount Druitt Hospital has.

We then went to reception and was directed to the Adon Room, where one of the Directors was - met Lisa - who was pleased of the the suggestion of  the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus, yet advised us they have volunteer buses. This appears to be for volunteers only. Which means leaves the doors opened for commuters, nurses, doctors that may require this Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus service. She advised she will refer to the General Director and he will get back to us. In the meantime we noticed there was plans to upgrade the Mount Druitt Hospital and although she said it was basically a facial lift, there was no funds to be allocated to Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus service, as yet. I still think this would be up to the board.

Then we went to 'The Aengus Kavanagh Education And Equity Centre on the site of the  Mount Druitt Hospital spoke to the Manager, Gus and he straight away claimed the concept for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus, would bring a needed economical boost to the Mount Druitt community, provide an essential service that is required by the community and also a strong link throughout the community as well as bring something 'good' back to the community that the community is proud of.

Then we approached  Demus from the Kevin Betts Stadium in Ralph Street, Mount Druitt and was overwhelmingly advised that they would support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus and  thought this would be great for the community. By this time, we started to get the feeling there is a great need for the Free Shuttle Bus and was encouraged by the reaction so far.

We then approached the Center Manager for Shop Smart and he advised he thought it was a good concept, but didn't know how much of a need it was the community requiring it- although he could see that it would boost businesses within  Shop Smart. He would look into it  and get back to us.

Then we approached  The Store manager at Aldi Mount Druitt and he was saying that once the Free Bus Shuttle is 'Up and running' to come and see him, and he will  help advertise  and promote it and support it! He could see the benefit for his business as well.

The receptionist at Employment Plus, Mount Druitt was so happy to meet us as she could see it would be easier for the unemployed. jobless to reach their office from the Bus Interchange - she will refer to the management of the Employment Plus and once was told there was a n online survey we have - she insisted she will get people to complete the online survey on our website as she can see the benefits that will be seen and used by the entire community - this was a fantastic result for us.

We then approached Lang & Simmons Mount Druitt, spoke to the receptionist and she advised she will refer to the owner of the business.  As a young person I don't think she realised the positive impact of have a Free Bus shuttle.

Towards the end , we approached  the Store Manager, Arthur from Sam's Warehouse - was slightly interested but said they are going under voluntary receivership, so this would be good for them now.
Maybe the impression is that the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle may have come late for this business, as if it was in place  a couple years ago, there could have been a slight chance the business would have survived. Who know's, but this could be true!

LK Supermarket in Mount Druitt, is a new shopping center in Mount Druitt, in the process of being established (Old Ten Pin Bowling Alley, Mount Druitt). The owner was away overseas due back in a few days the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus could also be a big boost to the new business as it establishes itself as a reasonably priced supermarket, also supplying different Asian foods as well as other shops and sit down area restaurants.

Well to summarise our day today, it was worth it! It was pleasing to get a majority of positive responses from the community , know that the Blacktown City Council has approved  the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle service and is looking at ways as to how it can be funded. This is where local business can be look at supporting the  service that will enhance the economics of business not only for them  but other business around the area and provide a positive community link to community member, who may need to visit community groups as well. This is more of a stamp of approval to get the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus  'On the road!'

Check Out The original Plan from Blake Bardowski for Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus

Complete the on-Line Survey if you would like to see the  Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus - 'On The Road' - It is on our Home Page.

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