Thursday, January 31, 2013

Commuter From Shalvey Suggests More Commuters Going His Way!

A young hard working labourer from Shalvey  travels to work by  bus to Mount Druitt then by City Rail train to Penrith train station. Such a great young bloke to talk too.

He actually  stated that he was extremely happy as he almost has the carriage to himself  in the  mornings and afternoon return trips, yet watches how  hundreds upon hundreds are get on and off trains at Mount Druitt.

 We both seem to agree that the NSW Government should be more promotion of community members to catch public trains in the direction - where there is low patronage. so that the service is adequately utilised.

Editors Notes: This is  something that commuters suggest - promotion of public transport  - but  one suggestion could be that NSW Government offer   up to 20 percent discount to promote  increases in  low patronage train trips.  More commuters may take advantage of this. In fact this could be used for buses as well!

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