Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NSW For Transport Possible Promotional Bus Songs

Well this is the time of the year to start to get into public transport stakeholders/decision makers and officers to get the message across to them that they need to  advertise the message of  more using  public transport.
So to help  them with the Advertising gurus - i have short listed from you-tube for promotion of buses and I've included bus stops as well. the following:

Click here for the Spadina Bus
Music lively - lyrics - some unlively

Click Here for Double Dutch Bus
Modern and unusual

The Bus Driver Song :
Great for as a tour guide song - I'm sure although is made in New Zealand - someone could  accommodate one for  NSW

Bus Stop - The Hollies - Click Here:
Old songs can be reproduced so that it can be made modern for NSW

The Magic Bus - The Who - Click Here
Repeated Words but this  could be transformed to the modern area as well

Wait Right Here at the Bus Stop Sign - Sesame Street - Click Here
Although i is a children's program - this could be  promoting Bus Real Time  or similar

Roll Bus Roll - A Take Away Show - Jeffrey Lewis - Click Here
Maybe if this is done professionally, the busking mans song bring the bus to pick commuters etc

(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop - Fatback Band - Click Here
This could be a promotional item to get people to bus stops - maybe more different words could be included

Bus stop with lyrics - Sugarplum Fairy - Click Here
Yes - this could be the one if you are around 50 and 60's. Yet even some young ones could like this one!

Everyday at the Bus Stop - Tommy February6 - Click Here
This is a modern version  that  a short version of this song could easily made people like to become commuters on buses

I know there could be others - no discredit to others but these are just  my personal judgement  on what is best out there - if anyone wants to share more, my rules are : they must be decent, not swearing  and meaningful, and

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