Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Wi-Fi On City Rail Trains Could Be The Big Push For NEW Commuters On Trains!

We don't normally look at other states/territories regarding public transport as  a place where there could be modernizing of of the their public transport system ( whether it is an election or not) - yet in WA there is an election hotting up and  there are proposals from the Labor opposition to install free Wi-Fi for internet use on  ten railway lines.

Are we behind the times in NSW -  I have a feeling that NSW may be looking at this but  unsure at present. I  do think that this is a a strong issue that can persuade more people  to travel more on City Rail Trains. It doesn't have to be a political decision it. I don't there would be billions of dollars cost to install free Wi-Fi on City Rail Trains as NSW Government has don't on metro buses. Let's get your feedback on this - it this important for commuters or for the modern commuter, also would it make you travel more on trains?

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jedi carisi said...

I think free wifi is pretty hopeless anyway. certainly most sydneysiders own 3g connection is faster and more reliable especially here in sydney. I believe more reliable 3g/hspa/lte coverage over the rail network is what we should be aiming for.

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