Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cracks Appear At Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park!

Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park is serving the public transport commuters, allowing commuters to drive their cars locally, park and meet their second mode of transport (trains),  so that they reach at work east of Mount Druitt. 

I am and was happy when the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park was opened, yet  I was hoping it would bee closer to the train station due to the walk involved. So for example, if one person drives for 10 minutes & then parks the car at the Mount Druitt Car Park walks for 5 minutes to the train station and spends 2 minutes buying his ticket. I still think catching buses is easier and then train but that is just plain old me....

Now what I have been surprised about lately with Mount Druitt car Park is cracks appearing on the steps and 2nd floor. I'm not a qualified builder not do I want to one but, I just was wondering if the cracks in the concrete are not a quick concrete slab engineering job. This is because the original company that won the tender in the construction of the Mount Druitt Car Park went into Liquidation and another builder had to be found. Have a look yourself - we will also seek feedback from  Western Line City Rail Manager.

Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park Step Cracks

Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park  Lifts Cracks Outside

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