Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toll Proposed For M4 - By Sydney Mayor - This Would Be One Way To Move People Onto Public Transport!

There is a report coming from the Mount Druitt Standard and the Blacktown Advocate that there is a 'One Sydney Mayor has suggested a toll on the M4, charging people $20 each way to reduce traffic during peak hours. '

The Mount Druitt Standard' further question, ' Thoughts?'

The  Blacktown Advocate's further question, 'Would that make you get public transport into town?'

Interesting topic, don't you think?  The comments that are being added seemed to negative towards the idea but early days yet. The idea could be a good one for promoting public transport without even advertising!

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1 comment:

jedi carisi said...

well if the m4 was finished all the way into the anzac bridge. parramatta road wouldn't be such a car park.

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