Monday, January 14, 2013

Light Rail 2nd One In Sydney - Could Spread To Western Sydney

I was intrigued in this story that  the NSW Government has released in the East  to South East of Sydney  The things that got myself was light to reduce  travelling time substantially and the reduction of serviced buses  at the same time. 

Not having a go as buses or bus operators or even Sydney buses but is this the  vision of future public transport? 

What gets myself is the days when we had what was called ' Trams' running around Sydney and Eastern to South Eastern Suburbs and then the removal of these services in the 1960's. What was then removed - seems to be replaced lowly with the modern words of 'Light Rail'.

Check out the Story on the NEW Light Rail
File:Western Trams.png
Sydney Trams West of Sydney

So here you can see how there was looped services and great connections to the early  sprouting suburbs of Sydney

1933 map of Sydney Trams East & South East
So could NSW for Transport use similar maps for our future Light and and how would it look in the Greater Western Sydney? Would you believe it  our Mount Druitt Youth, Blake's proposal for Light Rail - could answer the question check out his  proposal!

Blake's Light Rail Proposal For Western Sydney

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