Saturday, January 5, 2013

Try The Sydney Rivercat - It's A Great Experience!

The other day was my first  time on any of the Parramatta 'Rivercat' on the "Dawn Fraser'. I felt like I was a tourist from overseas and commend the way the crew, captain and commuters behaved - whilst travelling along the Parramatta River from Circular Quay.

Normally public transport is not regarded as having a high standard of achievement but in this case I congratulate the current and preceding NSW Government for ensuring the ferry service to Parramatta continues. This ia vital part to not just the tourist industry bu tot commuters from Western Sydney who commute to and from work by this wonderful mode of public transport.

As I was standing on the wharf, with what I thought was at least 150 tourist, one gentleman said, 'Because of you and me taking the Rivercat today, we are taking a seat of commuters working from the city, who travel back home to Parramatta!'

Leaving the glorious  Sydney City behind as you travel on the "Rivercat",  with the golden sun beaming on you ( ensure you have enough covering on your body: sun glasses, secured hat, long sleeved and long pants etc  to protect from sunburn). you do tend to forget life's problems and look at the wonder expenses houses that a have their private beaches and later see a narrowed river entrance  to Parramatta, with speed limit of 7 knots per hour. The mangroves seen in  towards the end with the water reeds sprouting out in some areas, providing a seclusive natural part  of a river environment. 

My understanding is the "Rivercat" takes 220 commuters thus 70 commuters would have been workers from the city. It is a great family outing and most enjoyable - I recommend this to all of you! 

So all I can say is, try it once  if it is just only once in your life: whether you start from Parramatta, Circular Quay or even both ways! Whether you do myself, with your partner and or families try it!

Editor's Notes: This is not an add from NSW for Transport - but I wish it could be!

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