Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Further Substantial Evidence For Peter Kerr's Footbridge Proposal In Mount Druitt

Peter Kerr
Nearly a year ago, we reported on Peter Kerr's Footbridge Proposal over the tracks in-between Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill Train stations:
 Click here for the blog/story on Peter Kerr's Footbridge Proposal

Yesterday, Peter was showing myself the benefits of having that footbridge and where it would be positioned. Once you see his future vision plans, you do see there is a desire and need for it.

It make's sense as I show you pictures of the sight and what is seen from the sight.

This is a side post you will see along the City Rail tracks and  there are
letters on there, for example: SL 42280 - SL represents Sydney to Lithgow and the  rest is
 42 Kilometers ans 280 Metres - every 20 metres there is a post

City Rail Train passing through
 to Mount Druitt Station
This is the Footbridge proposal site
facing Mount Druitt
This is the Footbridge proposal
sight facing Rooty Hill
This is From North of North Parade
 facing the cutting where
the Footbridge Proposal is planned
This is the position for the
Footbridge Proposal on top
of the cuttings on North Parade

Peter advised myself that  the former Federal Member for Chifley, Mr. Roger Price inspired  Peter Kerr to change his idea from an underpass to an Overpass facilitated by a footbridge. Peter had raised petitions around his area  in 2008 regarding the footbridge overpass and since then is not letting it go!

I admire Peter, as he is always a thinking man of improvements around the area - which keeps his brain going for his age! I would like Peter to witness the completion of this Footbridge overpass which will benefit the entire community of Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt South, bringing a better link for communities, inclusive of the Loyola Senior College Chifley College, Mount Druitt TAFE as well as bringing better access to Rooty Hill Club, AMF Bowling  and Mount Druitt Hospital.

 My understanding of funding if the NSW Government and Blacktown City Council get it right, could be  shared costs as follows: 

  • Cost 1/5 Blacktown City Council
  • Cost 1/5 NSW Government,
  • Cost 1/5 Australian Federal Government
  • Cost 1/5 Rooty Hill R.S.L.
  • Cost 1/5 Westfield
Thus all paid!

Why do I support Peter's Footbridge proposal, it is quite simple, I believe in improvements in all areas of the community and if someone has what I think is a great idea - I will promote it.

Also I can see that, once Mount Druitt gets the free Shuttle Bus up and running, then more community members would be able to catch the bus from   North Parade Footbridge access ( there can be a bus shelter and bus stop placed there). Thus although it doesn't relate to public transport,  it will provide more people to make better connections to public transport services.

I know Peter has support from Blacktown City Ward 4 Councillors from current and past, also Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson from Ward 5,  Mr Richard Amery, State Member from Mount Druitt and as mentioned before, Mr Roger Price, former Federal Member of Chifley.

I understand from the previous article that Council has it in its possible ' WIP' File - known as 'Work In Progress' - would like to see how it is progressing since last year.

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