Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Central Train Station to Rooty Hill Train Station - Increased Services Required PM - Rooty Hill Commuter!

It doesn't take myself a long time before I make connections with commuters on public transport to get there feedback on any improvements they would like to see, so that there is total satisfaction given to all commuters. Each commuter's feedback is important and if not improved on now could be improved later.

So (don't laugh) I met a young John from Rooty Hill. He travels during the week return to Central for work. His main improvement he  would to see with public transport  is  more train services from Central to Rooty Hill as it seems to be a fight to get seats (second last train station from the City) from a current 20 minute service to 10 minute service in peak time pm, especially around 5pm. By  the NSW Government increasing services from on return trips to Rooty Hill from Central, John claims this will benefit other commuters besides himself that he is ware of.

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