Saturday, April 28, 2012

Secret Weapon To Fix Mount Druitt Public Transport!

A member of our group has told myself that a private company has been hired to check out area in relation to public transport and infrastructure in  Mount Druitt and other areas of  Western Sydney.

They are analysing what is really needed in and around Mount Druitt to provide improvements in the area. They are monitoring traffic flows, bus interchange structures, cleanliness and services that come in and out of Mount Druitt.

The person that is doing the analysis knew our group as 'Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs'. He did not realise we have changed our group name and that we are incorporated. He advised  to our  group member, i that  his company  (he cannot name)  has been asked to do this to  provide future improvements recommendations into the area.

Amazingly  - Mount Druitt is important to the current State Government -  I think our group in Mount Druitt has moved transport to get the community to where it is today with public transport. I remember that someone said to me last year ( which knocked myself to the ground) that since the return of 674 bus services - (our last community win), we haven't had much other success. I deny that that as the success we get for Mount Druitt is the becoming, the knowing and  being involved in  community activity which can turn heads up not down on and in our area.Sometimes it takes time to get  the best improvements in time for the benefit of the community not just yourself.

Yes, I have been promoting myself as an individual and making a name of myself - but this is not my original goal and intention, I always think of our local group first and strive to promote our group within our community and  I am proud of the people within our current group that come to meetings, have their say, air their opinion and share in our pride.

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