Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Commuter From Woodcroft Claims More Public Transport Needed Out North-West!

Another  newly interested commuter from Woodcroft, Ajay has so many wonderful comments regarding public transport.

 Firstly, he said we have a reasonably good transport system  when you compare against  China - yet he commutes to and from Wynyard/Town Hall to Doonside and finds those two stations are like being in a third world country. One issue he  claims need to be looked at is trains carriages need to be redesigned as they are not good.The  carriage doorways are very narrow, allowing easier access to all commuters existing and entering carriage. Doesn't see any issues with  train time tables.

Ajay likes the fast trains stopping at Doonside, where he  commutes by car by carpooling friends to their home or even talks a 30 minute walks He view on roads is that living in the area for the last 12 years he has seen road  conditions worsen and people living in the North West of Sydney are force to travel by car as there is no proper public transport. Thinks this is a wrong direction for NSW for Transport to take more people driver cars on roads and hardly and promotion or push to move people to public transport!

This wonderful commuter was ready to burst with his ideas of public transport and it does make me wonder what thousands of other Western Sydney commuters are thinking - so far most people are different - very different but importantly they are the same in being passionate of views in public transport! Oh, he did have to transfer to another train today as he  got off at Blacktown - our train didn't stop at Doonside this evening!

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