Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April in 'April' Running For Train At Mount Druitt Train Station Misses Train!

Young people can run fast, take the risk and then unfortunately train is missed. Well believe it or not but I met April  from Mount Druitt, today (yes in the month of April) and she overpassed me just before I was entering the Mount Druitt  Train Station Concourse today. As she reached the barrier like it would happen to hundreds of people per day all around Cityrail train stations, her ticket was rejected and didn't allow her through the  electronic barrier gates.

As I placed my ticket through the machine and it  was released and  April was  placing her correct ticket in the machine allowing her to go pass by the machine, The train whistle went and that indicate 5-10 seconds before leaving - I suggested to her she wouldn't make and as she slowed her paces down the stairs, she agreed. She missed the 6.20am train to the City!

She disclosed to me, that she likes walking directly to the train to keep healthy,  has just moved in the area due to  low rent around the area from Ryde about 4 months ago and thus she is unable to comment on bus within Mount Druitt. Yet claims trains have reasonably good services but feels the fares are too high - should be reduced around 10-20%. The only issue she had was one day caught the 6.11am- all stations to the city. The train reached the city later than the 6.30am express train that left Mount Druitt and beat the 6.11am to the City. Now she sleeps in, rests easier to get in the city by catching the 6.30am train every day.

Editors comments:
Great true story feedback - I hope you sympathise with April with 'stuck' ticket' in electronic machines!

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