Wednesday, April 25, 2012

St Marys Requires More Shorter Trips For Express Trains To City And North Shore

Max a train commuter from St Marys has no major issues of train services except when it comes to express train services to North Sydney - takes over an hour.

I reminded him that when I was first commuting from Mount Druitt to Chatswood that I had an express service direct to the City from Mount Druitt, from Blacktown and later on in time Strathfield was added and then Parramatta as well.

Max's eyes opened up as he didn't think that happened in the past and would also like to have the express train used to get twenty years ago service like what I had first had! I also suggest to Max seek support from other Western Sydney Commuters and  contact WSPTU, as he would like us to use it as further transport improvement.

What I may also assist him is our submission  via WSPTU to the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan.
Click here for our submission

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