Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bus Driver Needs Bus Operator To Get Their Act Together!

Recently, I met and spoke to a bus driver  from Westbus and the bus driver advised  the difference of working with Westbus & Busways. This bus driver was very happy there was a community group looking after commuters in our local areas.

Westbus is not worried of  the condition of buses and as they have employed 2 cleaners in St Marys Depot to clean over 110 buses per day: Front windows are cleaned once a month, (not sure how often the inside is done), damaged buses are left running around bus routes and not attended too and that bus drivers seats are not comfortable for all drivers as it can cause back pains. Also old buses are released in the mornings to do all the routes and newer buses are released for afternoon-night services.

I witnessed how bus drivers with Westbus can be distracted while driving, reading their laminated 'Route Destination Roster' whilst driving as opposed to Busways bus drivers have it on a stand resting on the dashboard. This allows the hands to be free and allow the bus driver to drive.  This could be a safety issue if a potential accident is caused.

On a  Management level in St Marys there is one manager, who walks around sad every day, never smiles - even when bus drivers to this manager and are polite to him and seems to make negative decisions even when another reverses the decision and doesn't understands drivers issues and concerns. This attitude can frustrate drivers and place pressure on their job. It seems that this manager needs to do an extensive customer service course to understand his own customers - his drivers!

The bus driver claims Busways regularly clean and maintain their buses to ensure they are regulated  prior to being released to go 'On route' into the community! Also on the positive aspect of Westbus -  the management allows for bus drivers to have breaks at  designated sections allowing the bus drivers to run as per time table -  bus drivers with Busways just keep on running - no section breaks.

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