Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bus Late - Car Fast After Shopping - Erskine Park!

After our monthly group meeting, I was heading to Penrith by public transport Westbus 774 Via Erskine Park. I waited at the Mount Druitt bus interchange and  as I got on the bus I allowed a lady to get on the bus and she looked like she was in despair.

Actually she had a story to tell and here it is:

Angie from Erskine park waited  over 1 1/2  hours  from 1pm to catch the 775 that arrived at 2.39pm. She advised hardly catches buses and this was her day of catching buses. Both  her husband and  herself drove their car from Erskine Park to Mount Druitt Shopping Centre. Her husband wanted to more shopping so she decided to catch the bus. Her husband had completed his shopping and reach home by car  first before his wife did. This made him happy when he reached home.

He discovered  that his wife was not home contacted her and found out why. Angie nearly asked him to pick her up and  advised she will be taking the bus as the bus arrived! Her major concern was that there was no Erskine Park buses for that tine and yet there was plenty of 780 bus services arriving to Tregear and leaving the bus stop at the interchange.

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